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USB-RJ12 Controller Cable Pack, 15′ (for Phantoms)


Product Details
Phantom USB-RJ12 Controller Cable Pack, 15′
This pack includes all the cables you need to connect a compatible* Phantom 40 Series DE Ballast to the Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller.

Pack includes:
15′ RJ12 to RJ12 link cable

Provides link between Autopilot PX1 controller to splitter tee
Provides link between subsequent splitter tees
RJ12 Splitter Tee

Provides drop-down point off central trunk line to each ballast
15′ USB to RJ12 cable

Provides connection between splitter tee and ballast
*Current PX1-compatible ballasts: PHB4010, PHB4015, PHB4020, and PHB4025

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