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SolarSystem Controller


Product Details

Compact touch screen controller can connect to an unlimited number of SolarSystem 1100, 550, or 275 LED fixtures and offers 24-hour and week by week timer. The controller regulates three spectrum bands for best growth.

Automated sunrise/sunset, veg/bloom and seasonal programs. Built-in manual and automatic routines as well as fully user programmable modes. The SolarSystem controller puts you in control of your garden. A single controller can automate a single light in a grow tent or a 1000 light commercial operation and controls all the lighting products in the SolarSystem series. Maximize your yield while minimizing power consumption.


Automatically Program any Growth Stage or Spectrum Mix.
Separate Natural White View Mode
A Single Controller Runs an Unlimited Number of Lights
Automated Sunrise/Sunset for Better Daily Growth
Digital Timer Eliminates the Need for External Timers or Contactors
Day, Week or Seasonal Programming
Smooth Transitions from Veg to Bloom
Customized Strain Specific Grow Schedules
Controls Separate UVB and Far Red Modules
Optional Photo Sensor Available for Sunlight Balancing in Greenhouses
Green Backlit Touch Screen
Automatic Dual Voltage Power Supply
120/240 V
Uses Standard RJ11 Data Cables.

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