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Phantom PRO Double-Ended High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp, 1000W



Phantom Pro 1000W DE HPS Lamp

The Phantom Pro 1000W DE HPS lamp is purpose-built for horticultural professionals who require high output combined with long service life. Proprietary arc tube is precision engineered of European material for outstanding performance – these lamps output 2100 µmol/s of photosynthetic photon flux (PPF 400-700nm) and 2330 µmol/s of plant biologically active radiation (PBAR 280-800nm) when operated at 1000W. The 400V Phantom Pro 1000W DE lamp performs ideally when used with Phantom DE systems, and can also be used as a direct replacement for lower output lamps with any high-frequency DE system.

  • European arc tube material outputs 2100 µmol/s (PPF 400-700nm) and 2330 µmol/s of (PBAR 280-800nm) when operated at 1000W
  • Outputs over 2700 µmol/s of plant biologically active radiation (PBAR 280-800nm) when operated on 1150W as verified by independent laboratory testing
  • 10,000-hour service lifetime reduces operational expense


Shipping Weight 0.31 lbs.
Package Dimensions 15.94L x 1.77W x 1.77H
Base Type: Double-Ended (K12x30s)
Color Temp: 2000K
Rated Wattage: 1000 W
638104025348 (UPC-A)
10638104025345 (GTIN)
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