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Phantom 6" Air-Cooled Reflector w/Phantom 750W 120V/240V Dimmable Digital Ballast & GE Lucalox 750W PSL HPS Lamp



This system combines our Phantom 6" air-cooled reflector with a Phantom 750W dimmable 120V/240V Digital Ballast and a GE Lucalox 750W High Pressure Sodium lamp. The Phantom 6" AC reflector delivers a large footprint of usable light while keeping your growing area cool.

The Phantom Digital 750W Electronic Dimmable Ballast is part of the most reliable ballast line on the market. Phantoms feature silent operation, lightweight design, and maximum lumen output. The Phantom is also the only ballast on the market designed for vertical or horizontal operation.

GE’s Lucalox PSL HPS lamp offers improved reliability and is specifically designed for horticulture applications using their XO technology.

Phantom PHR6010 reflector features:

  • Cool operation allows closer placement to plants
  • Premium German aluminum hammertone interior: 99.85% pure, 95% reflectivity
  • Innovative 6" circular vents maximize reflectivity
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Patented double wall design for cool operation
  • Additional lens cooling vents
  • Low profile, integrated lamp cord
  • Sealed, latched lens with safety catch
  • Integrated socket & 15' lamp cord

Phantom PHE750DS ballast features:

  • Dual resettable breakers—protects lamp and household circuits
  • Three operating configurations—vertical, horizontal, or hanging
  • Drives the highest light output for maximum plant growth
  • Includes 8' heavy duty 120V power cord
  • Silent operation
  • Exclusive Lock & Seal BAREF lamp cord installed
  • Internal RF shielding
  • Triple surface aluminum fins and elevated rubber feet provide efficient cooling
  • Internal resin coating protects components for long life
  • CSA-certified
  • Generator-ready
  • Runs HPS bulbs only
  • Input voltage: 120V, 208V or 240V

Note: When using at 240V, do not use with timer TM01240, also known as the Intermatic HB112. You must use the TMHDT104, or a lighting controller such as the APT0082.

GE Lucalox PSL HPS 750W lamp features:

  • 2100K color temperature
  • 112,000 initial lumens
  • 12,000 average rated life hours
  • Base type: Mogul (E39)
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