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HydroGEN PRO Water-Cooled CO2 Generator, LP


Product Details
Hydro Innovations is proud to present the next generation in water-cooled CO2 generators, the HydroGEN PRO. Like the original, the PRO version uses a water-cooled heat exchanger to cool nearly 90% of the heat produced by burning propane. The new unit has several upgrades and new features over the very popular original model. The PRO unit is more user friendly and has more installation options, making it the best water-cooled unit yet. A few of the upgrades include an automatic relight ignition in case of ignition failure, replacing the 3v battery pack with a power cord adapter that now operates on 12V, adding insulation to the internal tubing to protect it from excessively humid environments, and an additional power outlet for the IceCAP supplemental cooling accessory. All these improvements and still the same great price as the original version!

Now with automatic relight ignition
Water cooling feature removes 86% of the heat produced
Adjustable flame from 12k BTU to 24k BTU (15 cu ft/hr to 30 cu ft/hr)
Advanced safety features including oxygen depletion sensor
All copper water passages and inline water debris screen
Compact, wall-mounted or suspended design
Activated by water flow for drain to waste cooling
Activated by power supply for recirculation cooling
Quality construction

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