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Hortilux GRC1 Master Controller


Product Details
GRC1 Grow Room Controller

Using the EYE HORTILUX GRC1 Master Controller for your EYE HORTILUX DE 1000-VS offers you maximum control, ease of use, safety and plug-and-play installation. The GRC1 controller can switch all the interconnected systems on and off with its internal timer, adjust them to your required output level (in percentage or exact output power) and even simulate sunrise and sunset to gradually adjust the climate in your grow room when your lights go on or off. You can connect up to one-hundred systems to one controller and control two separate rooms or two accessories such as a humidifier and air conditioning.

For use with EYE HORTILUX DE 1000-VS , sold separately from system.


Set on/off light schedules
Set any wattage between 600 and 1150
Sunrise and sunset feature
Temperature sensors
Temp safety shutdown
Auto dim and emergency shutdown temperature control
Prevents ballast current in-rush
Can control 100 systems
Can control two accessories
(ie humidifier, CO2, air conditioning)
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