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FUEL ST8 Light Controller, 8 Outlet, 240V, with Single Trigger


Product Details
The FUEL ST8 represents the latest in professional lighting control. It is among the best devices for controlling up to 8 lights. This unit features 240V industrial-grade NEMA 6-15 UL-listed power outlets. All outlets are controlled by a 120V trigger cable. The 8 light controller has 2 banks of 4 lights. Each bank has a 30-second time delay and is protected by an industrial-grade circuit breaker.

The FUEL ST8 requires a 50A main power supply and has a maximum ballast load of 40A. Each power outlet receptacle is rated 240V, 5A maximum. Keep your grow lights in complete control with Autopilot’s professional line of FUEL light controllers.
8 Outlet/240V/60Hz
50A main power supply
Maximum ballast load 40A
Each receptacle rated 240VAC 5A MAX
NEMA 6-15 UL-listed power outlets
Commercial grade
2-year warranty

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