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Core 2.0 DE Dimmable Open Lighting System, 1000W, 277V-400V (lamp with cord not included)


Product Details
Core 2.0 DE Dimmable Open Lighting System, 1000W, 277Vā€“400V

The Core 2.0 DE Dimmable Open Lighting System features digital control signal to adjust light output in real time. Increasing output levels throughout the vegetative stage helps to harden plants and prepare them for transition to higher flowering light levels. Reducing shock from light stress will allow your crop to maintain natural momentum.

Specifically designed for multi-light array applications, the wide spread provides excellent uniformity. The open design effectively dissipates heat while maintaining ideal lamp operational temperature, which maximizes lamp output and lifetime.

Note: Lamp and cord sold separately. Please view related items below for suggestions.


Microprocessor Control
LED Status Indicator
Open Circuit Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Overtemperature Protection
End-of-Lamp-Life Sensor
Over/Undervoltage Protection
Patented Ignition Control
Mini 3P Male and Female IP65 dimming ports
Auto-Restrike Protection
Internal EMI Suppression
Wieland RST 2013F B2 ZR2 SW
20ā€™ Mini 3P(M) to Mini 3P(F) WT data link cable, IP65, RF (CHC223108W)
Truss mount hangers included
Specific Wieland cable harness sold separately
Wide range of lamp options sold separately

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