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Commercial Dirt Pot by RediRoot #2, pack of 10


Commercial Dirt Pots by RediRoot

Designed to maximize airflow to the root zone, Commercial Dirt Pots by RediRoot feature a lightweight yet durable fabric that provides effective and efficient air root pruning for plants and trees. These bags are known to produce a dense fibrous root structure, reduce circling roots, and increase yields.

Commercial Dirt Pots by RediRoot have reinforced stitching to ensure their durability through multiple growing seasons. A dark green top-stitch helps the bag stay open for easier filling. While other bags degrade after a single season, these lightweight fabric bags can be reused multiple times, and they even resist salt damage! Made from 80% recycled materials, and BPA-free.


Reinforced stitching for durability
Top stitching to allow for easier filling
Breathable and reusable fabric
Handles available on sizes #3-#30
Made from recycled materials
BPA-free and UV resistant

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