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Autopilot ECLIPSE F60 Digital Environmental Controller


Product Details
The Autopilot ECLIPSE F60 Digital Environmental Controller combines precise temperature and humidity control along with cycle timing to create an intelligent yet easy-to-use unit. Three digital screens continuously display current temperature, relative humidity, and a cycle timing countdown clock. LED lights indicate active modes and inform the user of any errors.

Eclipse F60 has four outlets: Cooling, Heating, Humidify/Dehumidify, Cycle Timer. The three temperature and humidity outlets offer customizable day and night set points while the cycle timer outlet controls any device requiring a repeated on/off function during a 24 hour time period. All four outlets feature heavy duty protective covers that prevent atmospheric moisture from entering the device. A built-in data logger records minimum and maximum temperature and humidity levels.

The F60’s sensitive and intelligent remote combination probe features a highly accurate temperature/humidity sensor and photocell for daylight detection. The probe can be placed up to 15 feet from the controller, and has been designed to resist EMI/EFI from electronic ballasts.

Mounts to both walls and grow tents. Two mounting kits are included with each controller.


4 outlets control temperature (heating & cooling), humidity and a cycle timed device
Operates temperature and humidity outlets independently or synchronized
Separate day/night temperature and humidity set points
Cycle timer outlet modes: day only/night only/24 hours
Cycle timer is programmable down to 1 second
Records high/low temperature & humidity levels
15′ temperature and humidity sensor with photocell
LED mode and error indicators
Internal battery keeps settings during unexpected power failure
14.5 max operating amperage, 120V

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