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Buy the Best Growing, Starter and Hydro Pellets in Canada: Ideal for Every Project

Start your seeds much faster and obtain better results with our starter growing pellets. Available in different varieties, you’ll find the ideal pellets for soil, hydroponics and aeroponics – to help your plants thrive from the seed to the fruit. Come with us to learn more about their benefits.

Made with Organic Materials to Guarantee Superior Growth

Alfalfa, clay, chicken manure, compost and more. All the pellets made with the best ingredients to guarantee proper seedling and root development – which translates into superior growth. They’ll feed your plants with the nutrients and moisture they need, guaranteed. 

The Perfect Type of Pellets for Your Project from Starter to Hydro

We have pellets made with the best materials that are ideal for soil – but you can also buy hydro pellets from our store, which are perfect for hydroponics and aquaponics thanks to their porous shape. Be it small or big, our pellets will help you with any type of project. 

Start your seeds the right way and guarantee a future full of healthy, abundant and delicious harvest. Shop your growing pellets today and receive them with our express shipping!