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Buy the Best Propagation Plant Domes and Trays in Canada:

Are you looking for the best plant domes and trays in Canada for your project? They’re key for plant propagation, and with our domes and trays, you’ll bring your plants the conditions they need for seedling. Learn more about how our products will take your project to the next level.

Reach Ideal Humidity Levels for Optimal Propagation

Domes and trays are meant to help with your propagation efforts. From seedling to germination, they must be present in your gardening and farming toolbox. Leak-free, highly humid and durable – our trays and domes will help your plants develop from the seed to the roots and beyond.

Strong and Durable Plant Domes and Plant Trays that Won’t Break

Do you know a common complaint among growers in Canada? Flimsy and brittle domes and trays. They break easily and can completely ruin your project – but with our domes and trays, you can forget about it. Made with durable and resistant materials, they’ll help with propagation, seedling and germination while protecting your plants. 

Seedling the Worryless Way – The All-in-one Solution

Our domes and trays reach ideal humidity levels, they are highly resistant and durable and come with usable, adjustable vents for optimal airflow – everything you need to let your plants seedle without having to worry about it.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to upgrade your gear and handle propagation, seedling and germination like the pros with our plant domes and plant trays. Order now and receive them right to your doorstep with our express and discreet shipping!