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Buy the Best Plant Cloners in Canada: Soil, Hydroponics, Aeroponics and More

Are you looking for high quality plant cloners to replicate your best crops? Cloning is vital for all farming and gardening projects – and we have cloners for aeroponics, hydroponics and soil. To make the max out of your best specimens.

Ideal for Every Type of Plant from Edibles to Cannabis

Our cloners will help you to clone any type of plant from edibles and flowers to cannabis – safely and with the best results, to exploit the genetic makeup of our best plants by creating multiple versions.

Perfect Environment for Cloning – And Customizable

To clone your plants, you need a highly humid and warm environment. Our plant cloners deliver it, to help your clones thrive from the very first day. Forget about plant cloners that struggle to deliver at least 60% humidity – with our cloners you’ll bring your plants the sauna they need to grow.

Plants Cloners that Adapt to the Size and Requirements of Your Project

Be it that you need a small cloner with just a few sites or several cloners with dozens of sites for a commercial project – we have them all.

What are you waiting for? Buy the plant cloners you need for your project right now and receive them via discret and express shipping.