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Buy the Best Propagation Equipment in Canada: Domes, Cloners, Grow Medium, Pellets, Germination Kits and More

Are you looking for the best propagation equipment in Canada? Be it domes, cloners, pellets, germination kits, trays, grow mediums or heating mats – they all work together to produce new generations of plants on demand. With your desired qualities. 


Your heart melts even more when you look at your plants while they are babies.

Not to mention that producing your plants from plants you already have saves a ton of money.


We are here to make sure you’ll never buy another seedling. You’ll reproduce or clone the plants you already have. Your budget will thank you for that while seeing how your project evolve to the next level. Learn more about the benefits.

For All of Your Plant Propagation Needs – The Best Equipment Pieces Under One Roof

Propagation is a multi-faceted matter. You need cloners to, evidently, clone plants. You need trays to store them. You need heating mats to raise up the temperature and pellets to start your seed the right way. Let’s see all we have in store for you. 

Clone Your Plants the Right Way with Our High Quality Cloners

Remember that one special kind of tomatoes your granny had year after year?


She cloned them, kept them safe over the winter, and planted them again every year.


You have surely tried that on your own. Without the right equipment, you watched most of your bellowed plants die.


You don’t have to feel that deep disappointment ever again.


Get yourself a cloning machine. That will boost your success rate by 100%. Your cutting will develop roots and become healthy little plants. Hurry up and get the best cloner machine available in Canada. You’ll clone so many plants that you’ll have to gift them around the neighborhood. Don’t be surprised if your gardening friends give you the nickname “The Cloner”. 

Plant Domes and Trays for All of Your Propagation Needs

Once you clone plants you have to nourish them if you want them to keep growing.


You can leave them outside, on the wind, to freeze.


Or, like a caring gardener you are, get them plant domes and trays.


High-quality 100% leak-free domes and trays will keep your young plants safe. They create a special atmosphere inside. That means your plants will have the perfect conditions to grow. Perfect temperature, perfect moisture level, and no wind. In conditions like that plants grow fast and they stay healthy.

The Grow Mediums that Your Plants Need to Propagate and Thrive

Plants need something to grow in – the medium.


If you do everything right and put your plants in a bad medium all your hard work will be ruined. It doesn’t matter are you growing plants in soil or hydroponics – you have to make sure you get high-quality medium.


Mediums you can get here are made from the best materials. They guarantee that your plants will have the best chances to grow fast and stay healthy.

All-in-One Germination Kits for Easy Plant Propagation

Every plant once started as a seed. All the conditions had to be made to make that seed germinate. Every specie of plant has different germinating conditions. As an experienced gardener, you knew that for sure. 


But did you know that you can get the best All-in-One Germination Kits in Canada on this site? Now when you know that, we just have to give you one last tip when it comes to germination kits.


They work for all plants, but edible plants get the most out of germination kits. Use them to propagate your favorite veggies.

Growing Pellets and Hydro Pellets for Starting Seed the Best Way

Water is one of the crucial factors in plant development. If seeds don’t get enough of it, they won’t germinate. The same happens if they get too much water.


To ensure your seeds have a perfect dose of water get them growing pallets or hydro pallets.

Germinating seeds works both in soil and hydroponics so you just choose what suits you the best. Whatever you decide, you can get high-quality pallets from our shop.


With them, your seeds will start over the night.


Make Seedling and Plant Propagation Easier with Our Heating Mats

Apart from water, plants need a perfect dose of heat to thrive. Heating mats are great for cold parts of the world because they keep plants warm regardless of the outside conditions.


You can use them for grown-up plants, but most gardeners use them to raise the success of plant propagation. Seeds start faster and young plants grow better with a heating mat.


If you had heating mats before and some seeds still didn’t start that might be because mat didn’t spread heat on its whole area. With the mats from our shop that can’t happen. They are tested especially for that problem. One more important thing – you can adjust the temperature on heating mats from our shop.


Why Should You Buy Your Plant Propagation Equipment From Us?

By getting the quality plant propagation equipment your chances to grow healthy plants raise. Propagation equipment from our shop saves a ton of money in the long run. It guarantees that you’ll grow healthy next generation of plants, time after time. That means you’ll have a sustainable source of plants at home.


Propagate the Best Way: Equipment Engineered for Propagation, Seedling and Germination

You can make some propagation equipment at home from various things. It will work to some point, but it will never be as good as professional equipment. A big percentage of your clones will die. Most of your seeds won’t start.


The next level is to buy random plant propagation equipment. It will work better than home-made stuff. But you’ll still have to look after a lot of your plant die. That costs a lot of nerves and money.


The best option is to get equipment engineered by professionals. It will save you a lot of money. You won’t have to deal with sadness while looking at your plants die.


Get the best propagation equipment available in Canada now. You’ll thank yourself later.


Guarantee Optimal Development: Start Your Seeds and Plants Properly

Most of the plants are delicate beings. Even those plants that grow to be strong, big, and resistant start as tiny plants. They need all the perfect conditions to survive and grow.

After all, they are living beings. Same as humans.


If your parents didn’t take good care of you, you wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t be able to grow plants at all.


If you don’t take good care of your plants while they are young, they won’t be able to give you back for your love. Plants give back with their fruits, scents, and looks. Make sure you get the most out of them by starting them in high-quality equipment.


You can get everything you need for a perfect plant and see development on our site.

Save Money Now and Later: Get the Best Value For Your Money with Durable Plant Propagation Equipment

Getting quality equipment saves money in every business or hobby. In gardening that’s even more visible, especially when it comes to plant propagation.


Get the best equipment available, that will give you a guarantee for success.


If you are growing plants as a hobby, you’ll save money because you’ll regrow your old plants every season. That will benefit your wallet and health. You’ll know that you’re eating healthy every season.


If you’re a business owner who makes a living by growing plants, our equipment will help you even more. It will help you the same way as hobbyists but on a larger scale. 

It will save you more money. It will make your customers happier because they’ll get healthier products. Don’t wait. Take your plant propagation to the next level now.


Order now and handle your propagation needs like the professionals to achieve amazing results.