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Shop for The Best Plant Enzymes in Canada: Take Nutrients Absorption to the Next Level

Would you like to boost the capacity to absorb nutrients of your plants? You don’t need fancy equipment – you only need our plant enzymes. They will make the nutrients in the soil or any grow medium available at a higher rate, ready for your plants to absorb them. From  cellulases, hydrolases, proteases and glucanases to other key enzymes – we put at your disposal the biggest inventory in Canada. 

Bigger and healthier harvests in less time – discover the benefits below.  

Make Your Soil More Efficient for Faster and Healthier Growth

Enzymes are specialized proteins that will help the soil bacteria to break down dead root matter and encourage their growth – translating into optimal plant uptake. As a result, your plant will absorb more nutrients as they will be available at higher rates in the soil.

It happens because the break down process transform the dead matter into small molecules that your plants can absorb. 

They work in any medium apart from soil. You can use them with confidence that you will see results – by seeing how your plants grow faster, bigger and more beautiful. The dream of every grower can be yours now.

The key to bigger and abundant harvests in record time is in your hands now. Take it by shopping for our plant enzymes right now – and get them soon thanks to our priority shipping.