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Buy the Best Growing Nutrients in Canada for Hydroponics and Plants

Do you want your plants to grow to their maximum potential? Then you need our nutrients. Be it for hydroponics or conventional indoors gardening – our growing nutrients will allow your plants to grow bigger, develop sweeter, richer taste, become more aromatic and stay healthier – the dream of every farmer and gardener can be yours!


For all hobby or commercial projects. You’ll find everything you need from additives, base nutrients, enzymes, inoculants and foliage sprays all the way to root stimulators, pH adjusters, sweeteners and vitamin boosters.


What are you waiting for? It’s time to make your plants grow healthier, faster and better than ever before. Shop now and get your plants the nutrients they need to thrive!

All the Growing Nutrients You Need: Additives, Enzymes, Vitamin, Sweeteners and More

Plants need specific nutrients during each phase of their growth, and we’ve got them all available for you at the best prices in Canada, and of course, made with high quality organic and chemical compounds.


Thanks to our vast inventory, you’ll find nutrients that offer the ideal nutrients ratio for each stage of growth and each type of plant – forget about supplements that do nothing, invest into nutrients that bring results-


It doesn’t matter if you’re growing on soil or water – you’ll find both types: conventional growing nutrients and hydroponics nutrients, with the perfect ratios, nutrient quality and concentration that your plants need to thrive.


Below, find more information about the ideal growing nutrients for your project.

Base Nutrients to Boost the Growth Ability of Your Plants

To thrive, your plants need key components such as sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, manganese, zinc, magnesium, iron and other minerals/elements in different levels. Be it for hydroponics or soil, our base nutrients will bring your plants the foundation they need to thrive. Faster and healthier growth, guaranteed. 

Vitamins and Boosters for Thriving Harvests

In addition to base nutrients, you can improve the appearance, smell and taste of your plants with our vitamins. Proven to make plants stronger, tastier and healthier in record time – you’ll notice a sharp difference in your harvest when you start using them. Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and a lot more in ideal concentrations for your plants. 

Make Your Plants Bloom with Our Advanced Bloom Boosters

Increase the number of flowers and their size on your plant with our advanced bloom boosters. As well as making the fruits sweeter and your plant healthier. Be it that you’re planting edibles, cannabis or flowers – our bloom booster will take your project to the next level with tastier and healthier plants. 

Make Your Soil and Plants Healthier with Our Biological Inoculants

Yield bigger, healthier and stronger crops faster. Your plants are as good and healthy as your soil – take care of both with our biological inoculants. Made with special bacteria, algae and fungi – our inoculants will allow your plants to absorb more nutrients while improving the quality of the soil and protecting it against dangers such as drought and flooding, as well as pests.

Make Your Soil Optimal with Our pH Adjusters

Your plants need a soil with a neutral or slightly acidic pH to thrive. Our pH adjusters will optimize your soil to induce the natural release of iron, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other vital elements, ready for your plants to absorb them. Bigger and healthier harvests, guaranteed.

Stronger and Healthier Roots in Record Time with Our Root Stimulators

With our root stimulators, your plants will develop a strong and healthy rooting system, ready to start absorbing nutrients to unleash fast and optimal growth. Expect bigger and tastier crops with our root stimulators – the foundation for any project. 

Break Down Dead Root Matter Faster for Healthier and Faster Growth

Make your plants absorb nutrients more efficiently to thrive. Thanks to our enzymes, the dead root matter will break down faster while encouraging helpful bacteria and microorganisms to thrive. As a result, your plants will absorb more nutrients in a more efficient way, translating in healthier and faster growth. 

Improve the Size and Quality of Your Harvests with Sweeteners

With our high-quality simple carbohydrates and sugars, you’ll have bigger, sweeter and tastier harvests. Just add them during the initial stages of flowering and wait for the results to kick in – ideal for edibles, flowers and cannabis. 

Spray Your Way to Healthier and Bigger Harvests with Foliage Sprays

Now you can also feed your plants through their leaves. Ensure optimal growth with our balanced formulas engineered to deliver the nutrients that your plants need. Just a few sprays to enjoy healthier and bigger harvests.

Optimal Growth All In One with Our Feeding Packages

Are you a beginner or are you looking for an all-in-one solution to feed your plants? Welcome our feeding packages – packed with the nutrients in ideal concentrations and levels that your plants need to thrive. Ideal for newcomers or people who want to take the easy way to healthy, big, tasty and aromatic harvests. 

Additives and Supplements to Support Your Plants

Supplement the development of your plants with our additives and supplements. Thanks to their strategic concentrations, you can use them in different stages of the development of your plant to ensure optimal results. 

Protect Your Plants with Our Protection Solutions

Can you imagine the pain of getting your crops infested or devastated? All your money, efforts and hope, destroyed. Shield yourself against such a pain by getting our protection solutions, to protect your investment and plants. 

Finishing Solutions to End a Grow the Right Way

Our finishing solutions will let your plants know that they’re coming to the end of their life to boost the ripening process. It helps the plants to increase the production of active principles and essentials oils – resulting in abundant, healthy and tasty harvests. 


You can use them at the end of fruiting and flowering cycles to produce more and better flowers, as well as bigger and tastier fruits and buds.

Buy the Nutrients That Your Plants Need to Thrive Today!

It doesn’t matter if hydroponics or soil – your plants need nutrients. Go ahead and shop the nutrients that your plants are missing to thrive and bloom like never before!