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Shop For The Best Hydroponic Water Chillers and Reservoirs in Canada: Top Quality Equipment

Are you looking for top quality water chillers and reservoirs? They are too different things – a chiller keeps the water cool enough for your plants to thrive. A reservoir stores all the nutrients and water for your plants. 

Different, but they work together – and that’s why you’ll find both products here. The perfect stack to unleash the total power of hydroponics – read below to find the benefits.

Hydroponics Reservoirs in All Sizes to Deliver Top Quality Water and Nutrition

A reservoir contains and circulates the water or nutrient solution straight to your plants. Its quality matters, because depending on it, the quality of your water and nutrients supply will vary. Our reservoirs, made with top-grade materials to guarantee pure water and a pristine flow of nutrients, will guarantee that your plants get the most out of hydroponics. 

Worried about sizes and containing capacity? We have all the hydroponic reservoir sizes for you. Ready for you to customize your set up to the degree of perfection. 

Keep the Water Cool the Easy Way to Unleash the Maximum Potential of Your Plants

High temperatures can present a problem for many growers, we are here to help you with our magnificent selection of hydroponic water chillers – to keep the water cool and flowing. The perfect match especially for deep water culture and RDWC systems – guarantee proper oxygenation and superior nutrient supply, no matter what. 

You know why you need water chillers and reservoirs for your project. Shop them now to enjoy all the benefits – receive your products fast thanks to our express shipping. Buy now!