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Buy The Best Hydroponics Growing Solutions in Canada: Hydro Systems and More

Are you looking for the best hydroponics growing solutions in Canada? Be it hydroponics systems or flagship hydro systems – as well as accessories such as water filters – we’re your all-in-one parade to equip your entire hydroponics project. No matter the size, you can buy everything you need for hobby projects as well as big and complex commercial projects. 


Our systems, accessories and products have been engineered to make your plants thrive with the power of hydroponics. Best materials and best design to ensure the best results. Guaranteed.


Come with us to check all the hydroponics growing solutions we have in store for you.

All Hydroponics Systems Available: Complete, Drip, DWC, RDWC, Accessories and More

The perfect system for every type of project. From a simple and effective set up with net pots buckets to a complete recirculating deep water culture system for growing 100s of crops – you’ll find everything you need at Smarter Grower! 


On top of that, we have all the accessories you need to equip your system. Walter filters, air pumps, chillers, buckers, watering accessories and more. You name it, we have it – to build the perfect setup for your plants. 


If you’ve not decided what to buy yet, come with us to learn more about our projects, and help you to choose exactly what you need.

Start Your Hydroponics Project the Fast and Cheap Way with Autopots Complete Kits

Autopots systems are cheap, reliable, easy and automatic. The perfect way to get started with hydroponics, and with our complete kits, you’ll get everything you need to start planting and harvesting in no time. The set up is easy and fast – to start growing from the day you receive it.

Complete Hydroponics Systems for Every Type of Project

N.F.T, Ebb & Flow, Wick, Aeroponic and more. If you need a complete hydroponics system, we have it ready for you, so you can start growing your plants as soon as we deliver it. Easy set up, best durability and all the features needed to ensure optimal growth from seedling to flowering. 

Improve Growth and Save Water with Our Drip Systems

With a drip system, you call the shots of nutrients and water supply – allowing you to save water while helping your plants to thrive and bloom. Ideal for small projects as well as commercial ones. Our drip systems are easy to set up and you’ll have them running in no time.

Accelerate Growth and Save Money on Nutrients with Our Deep Water Culture Systems

Be it conventional DWC or recirculating DWC, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of these systems. Accelerate growth, save money and allow your plants to absorb nutrients than ever before for bigger, tastier and healthier harvests. Guaranteed. 

Every Type of Bucket For All of Your Hydroponics Needs

Be it net pots buckets, dutch buckets or any other type under the sun – you’ll find it in our store. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for replacements or buying buckets to set up a complete dutch buckets system from scratch – we have everything you need to concrete your project. 

Bring Optimal Oxygenation to Your Plants with Our Air Pumps and Air Stones

If oxygenation is an issue for you, say no more. With our air pumps and air stones you’ll provide sufficient oxygen to the nutrients reservoir, to allow your plants to absorb them properly – making your plants grow healthier, stronger and faster. 

Cool Down Your Hydroponics Environment for Optimal Performance With Our Water Chillers

To keep your hydroponics environment running smoothly, you need to regulate the temperature. Welcome our water chillers, the easiest and most effective way to cool down your hydroponics environment to protect your equipment and your plants. 

Keep Water Clean and Protect Your Plants with Our Water Filters

Filtration is key for your project – it keeps water clean and induces optimal ratios of nutrients. Your plants will be shielded against disease, and at the same time, they’ll enjoy superior growth thanks to the optimal concentration of nutrients. Our filters are long-lasting and easy to install.

The Best Accessories for Your Hydroponics System

Regulators, adapters, utility pumps, tubes, connectors and more. If you need watering accessories for your hydroponics needs, we can help. We put at your disposal the largest inventory in Canada. Best quality, guaranteed. 

Buy The Perfect Hydroponics Systems in Canada Right Now!

You already know what you need – and you can find it on our store. Let’s make your hydroponics project to the next level – shop now and receive your order via express discreet delivery right to your door!