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Shop for the Best Plant Extraction Bags and Screens in Canada: Top Purity on Demand

Are you looking for the best plant extraction bags and screens to process your plant products? Bubble bags, you know what we mean – the easiest way to collect resin and pollen. Ours will bring you superior durability while collecting top quality resin and pollen at the highest rates.

Are you looking for plant extraction screens? You’re in good hands too – because we have a vast array of extraction screens ready for you to use. Be it for a rosin press or any other application, our equipment will bring you the best results for the longest time.

Made to Bring Your Plant Products the Best Purity

If you’re running a business, the quality of your products means everything. With our extraction bags and screens, you can rest assured that you will the best purity on demand. Because they’re made with the best materials and ideal construction

Extended Durability for Top Quality on Demand

Do you know what speaks for the quality of a product? How long it can keep bringing in top results. And our screens and bags for plant extraction will bring your products top quality for the long term – which means you won’t have to replace them soon. 

What are you waiting for? You know you need this harvest equipment and now you can get it. Buy the plant extraction bags and screens you need today and receive them fast thanks to our express shipping!