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Shop for the Best Timers for Gardening and Farming in Canada: High Tech Precision

Timing means everything, especially when we talk about plants. They need the perfect timing for light conditions, as well as the right humidity levels and temperature at the perfect times. Doing it on your own is not only tiresome, but nearly impossible to do perfectly.

Welcome timers – the easiest way to control the grow lights and any kind of equipment inside your grow tent. Control the electricity output, when they should turn on/off and several other variables – thanks to the wireless technology of our timers.

Maximize the Power of Your Grow Lights to Unleash Superior Plant Growth

Your plants need the right ratio of IR and UV light – but sometimes they also need to rest from it – but the timing means everything. With our timers, you will be able to turn them on and off at the right times – and you can also regulate their intensity. Customization at a finger tip from your cell phone with our wireless timers.

Protect Your Equipment for the Long Run with Our Timers

Your tent is likely to store all sorts of equipment. Grow lights, water chillers, fans, A/C units and more. Guess what? They also need a break, otherwise, they can break down and even ruin your crops by starting a fire. Not good. Give them a strategic breaks that match specific conditions for your plants – to protect your equipment while helping your plants to develop better.

You know you need timers for your project. It’s a no brainer. Order your timers now and get them right to your doorstep with our express shipping!