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Buy The Best Growing Essentials in Canada: Gloves, Glasses, Measuring Tools, Timers and More

Just as the name suggests, growing essentials are vital for successful indoor farming- whether you do it as a hobby or for commercial purposes. You can find any item you need from gloves, glasses, measuring tools, timers, and so much more on our website.

We source all our grow essentials from reputable brands guaranteeing you quality and durability. Come with us to check everything we have in store for you.

All Growing Essentials for Sale

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for gloves, timers, sprayers, glasses, reflective films, weather stations, pH testers or any other type of growing essentials. We got them all, to help you design the ideal growing environment for your plants. 

Protect yourself and your plants while ensuring their proper development with our growing essentials – at the best price in Canada. 

Below, find all the products we have available right now to take your gardening and farming projects to the next level.

Protect Your Hands with the Best Gloves Safety

You don’t have to touch your plants with your bare hands in your grow room. Remember you use lots of chemicals such as fertilizers to aid faster growth of healthy plants. Well, no need to worry because you’ll get the gloves you need to protect your hands. Just check what we have in store for you and order now – all price ranges, materials and sizes!

Protect Your Eyes with the Best Grow Room Glasses

Grow rooms have all sorts of lights from the ultra-violet to the infrared lights that could damage your eyes. Part of the job, but all you have to do is check out our variety of best grow room glasses and order yours. Grow happy plants while protecting your eyes – now it’s possible thanks to Smarter Grower. 

Measure the Right Way with Our Growing Measuring Tools

Back to basics – you need to measure the right way to design the ideal growing environment for your plants. Be it that you want to find the ideal proportions for your grow tent or handle any other aspect of your projects – our measuring tools will help you.

Test the pH of the Soil and Water with Our Testers

Your plants could look healthy at the beginning but your harvest could disappoint if your plants don’t have the correct growth parameters. Our testers can help you measure the acidity and PPM in your water and the pH of soil – to keep growing your plants the optimal and healthy way. Orders yours today and keep your plants safe! 

Durable and Strong Plant Supports for Your Projects

Many plants require durable and strong plant supports. For example, many peas varieties need something to climb – welcome our supports, cages and trellises. Be it peas, squash, cucumbers, melons or vine crops – anything that needs a strong support or something to climb will be in good hands with our products. Find them in all materials, sizes and shapes – order yours now! 

The Perfect Pots Containers for Your Plants

Pots containers are essential for any farming or gardening project. Be it indoors or outdoors – they’re a must, and we have pots containers in all models, sizes, materials, colors and designs – so pick your favorites and order now. 

Optimize the Growth of Your Plants with Reflective Film

Reflective films help you maximize lighting in your grow tent such that no light gets wasted through bounce backs. Light helps your crops to photosynthesize leading to faster growth of healthy plants. Whether you want Poly or Mylar reflective films – we got them all. Order now and take the growth power of your lights to the next level. 

Deliver the Nutrients that Your Plants Need with Our Sprayers

You can feed your plants with nutrients via the leaves for faster and easier absorption. Other than nutrient feeding, you can also spray crops with pesticides for faster control. Our sprayers are durable, easy to use and you can modulate how much nutrients or pesticide you wish to apply – order yours now and give your plants the splash they need! 

Time Your Grow Lights for Better Results with Our Timers

Do you want freedom alongside managing your indoor garden? Welcome our timers – the easiest way to control your grow lights when you’re not looking. From automating light cycles to the total time they will work – you can customize them according to your requirements. Orders your timers now to administer your grow lights the smart, time-saving way!

Trim and Prune Your Plants with Precision

Whether you own a small or commercial grow room project, we’ve got the best trimmers and pruning machines. These grow essentials help you save time and spend your time doing other activities. Our products will help you trim the leaves and buds of your plants with precision – be it cannabis, edibles or flowers. We got them in all sizes and designs. Orders yours today. 

Measure Temperature and Precipitation Wirelessly with Our Weather Stations

A weather station is a must have in your gardening tent! It helps you monitor every aspect of your crops such as temperature, C02, and humidity – while giving you alerts and snoozes based on your specific criteria such as changes in temperature or humidity. Of course, you can also configure it to alert you after a specific set of time – while controlling it wirelessly. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Growing Essentials?

To grow your plants the right way, you need to design the ideal growing environment. That’s why you need growing essentials, and we’re here to deliver right to your doorstep. The highest quality products from pots containers to cutting-edge weather stations. We got them all.


Learn more about the benefits of buying from us – because once you do it, your plants will grow healthier, strong and faster. 

Design the Ideal Growing Environment: Grow Better Harvests the Easy Way

All projects, growers and plants are different – that’s why customization is a must. Maybe you need more reflective film, perhaps you need a specific weather station to alert you when humidity differs too much from your desired settings or probably you need strong supports, cages and trellises for your plants.

With our products, you can design the perfect growing environment. Not just good enough, but perfect – to get the crops you’ve been dreaming with. Make that dream become a reality and shop the growing essentials you need right now. 

Grow and Keep Your Plants Healthy: Take Care Of Them the Right Way With Our Tools

No guesswork with our grow essentials! You get to take care of your crops the right way with the help of our tools such as trimmers and pruners. Trimmers and pruners help you cut down foliage and buds at the right time for better yields.

Protect Yourself: The Best Protective Gear for the Farmer and Gardener

You need to protect your plants, but also yourself. With our protective gear ranging from gloves to glasses – you’ll keep your hands and eyes in perfect conditions to watch as your plants bloom and thrive – bringing you the crops you’ve always dreamed to get. 

Buy The Best Growing Essentials You Need to Make Your Project Successful!

You know what we have in store for you – now it’s time for you to pick the growing essentials you need to make your project a success. Shop now and receive your order via express discreet shipping!