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Buy The Best Grow Fans, Grow Filters and Ventilation in Canada 

Are you looking to buy grow fans, grow filters or ventilations solutions for your indoors farming needs? Look no further because we’ve got you covered with the best equipment in Canada. Reduce excess heat and humidity while ensuring optimal oxygenation and CO2 supply to keep your plants growing and thriving.

Any size of grow fans or filters you need, we’ve got them all – made with the best quality materials and top standards.

Buy your perfect grow fans, filters and ventilation with us today and receive it via express discreet shipping!

Below, check out all of our solutions and why you should choose us for all of your indoors farming needs!

The Best Grow Fans in One Place – Carbon Filters, Advanced Ventilation and More

Whether you want an active or passive intake system for your grow tent, we’ve got them all at affordable rates. Below, find exactly what you need.

The Best Grow Fans and Kits for Healthy Plants

We sell different types of grow fans to meet all your ventilation needs. Whether you want an in-line duct fan, a clip on fan, oscillating fan, floor and pedestal fan, or even a shutter exhaust fan, we’ve got them all ready for order. Here is a detailed guide on all our grow fans.

Clip on fans

Clip on fans are small and ideal for your small sized grow tent and as the name suggests are clipped on the walls of the grow room. These fans don’t rotate so we recommend that you place several of them in your tent. 

You can point them towards the nutrient chillers, grow lights and other equipment – to keep them running smoothly while maintaining optimal temperature inside the tent.  

Shutter Exhaust Fans

Are you looking for the best fan for your large commercial grow tent? Here is some good news! We have quality shutter exhaust fans ideal for your big projects. The fans are heavy duty and effective in removing excess heat and humidity from your grow tent – no matter how big your operations, our shutter exhaust fans will fit the bill. 

Inline Duct Fans

You can also order an inline fan that is often built inside the ducts of your ventilation system. You can buy any size of an inline fan depending on your ducting system. For example, if you have a 5 inch duct, then your inline fan should also be 5 inches.

Remove excess heat and humidity, get rid of bad smells and pests.

Inline duct fans in all sizes with easy assembly guaranteed. Order yours now and give your plants what they need to grow and thrive. 

Blower Fans

If you aren’t careful, your grow rooms may accumulate stagnant air which may facilitate moldy conditions and growth of pests. Our quality blower fans are the best solution to helping you blow out stagnant air from your grow space while ensuring optimal growth conditions.

The Best Air Conditioning Solutions for Your Indoors Plants

Temperature and humidity control are the major concerns in any grow room.. A/C is necessary to control temperature which is often raised by the grow room accessories such as blower fans, nutrient chillers and grow lights. 

To control this, we offer you A/C units perfect for all types of operations. Be it a portable A/C unit, ductless mini-split systems or window air conditioning system – we got them all ready for you.

Buy yours today, and of course, you can contact us to help you choose the perfect A/C for your project.

The Best Environment Controllers for Optimal Ventilation and Growth

Create the perfect grow room environment for your crops with our environment controllers – to save time while ensuring that all climate conditions are ideal for your plants. 

Forget about monitoring CO2, humidity, heat, light or other aspects independently – with our environment controllers you’ll do it all at once. Save time, grow more. 

From multi-functional environment controllers that allow you to control all aspects in one to environment controllers that handle specific conditions such as temperature controllers and moisture controllers – we got everything for you. 

The Best Carbon Filters and More to Purify the Air of Your Plants

Air purification in your grow tent should take place every 3 minutes. If it’s not happening, then you’re limiting the growth potential of your plants. Even worse, you may be damaging them. Put a stop to it with our carbon filters and ventilations system – the easiest way to purify the air to keep your plants growing and thriving. 

Get rid of bad odors, purify the air and remove excess heat and humidity. All in one, to keep pests away and the air in optimal conditions for your plants to flourish. 

If discretion is a concern, then our filters and air ventilation systems will keep your operations secret. Guaranteed. Buy yours today and take your indoors farming to the next level!

The CO2 Supply that Your Plants Need to Thrive

CO2 is necessary for plants in grow rooms because it facilitates the process of photosynthesis. Inadequate CO2 in the grow tent can inhibit growth of your plants by about 50 percent. Ideally, plants require about 330 mg/l of CO2 to thrive.  

CO2 levels decrease when the tent is sealed up – but with our state of the art CO2 supplies, your plants will have as much of it as they need. Guaranteed.

What Are the Benefits of Our Grow Fans for Your Plants?

From growing healthy plants, eliminating excess heat, to removing bad odors, here is a detailed guide on the benefits of grow fans for your plants.

Grow Healthier Plants: Proper Oxygenation and Optimal Airflow

All plants need proper airflow from cannabis to herbs, flowers and vegetables. They all use CO2 during the day and release oxygen into the air. At night, they absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. 

This natural cycle becomes a problem when the tent is sealed up – there’s no natural airflow, so the quality of the air goes downhill, affecting your plants, and even worse, it might even kill them.

By getting our grow fans, you’ll help to circulate these gases to ensure optimal growth and maintenance of your plants – just like the outdoors! 

Make Your Plants Thrive: Create Ideal Levels of Temperature and Humidity

Extremely low or high temperatures can impede the development of your plants. In a similar manner, extreme humidity can inhibit growth of your crops. 

Our grow fans, filters and ventilation systems will help you to hit the sweet spot of temperature and humidity, to unleash the maximum potential of your plants.

Grow plants faster and healthier – get the ventilation your plants need and take your indoors farming to the next level!

Protect Your Plants: Control Pests, Fungus and Mold

Pests, fungus and mold are a common problem in a grow tent. They’re the enemies and they thrive in hot and humid conditions, and yes, they can inhibit the growth of your plants and even kill them.

But now you can kill them first with our fans, filters and ventilation systems – to say good-bye to fungus, mold and pests all at once.

Thanks to our solutions, you’ll create the cool and optimal environment that makes your plants thrive while eliminating pests, fungus and mold. 

Buy The Ideal Grow Fan and Ventilation Solution to Make Your Plants Thrive!

You know the benefits of our grow fans and ventilation solutions – now it’s your turn to buy yours with express and discreet shipping to make your plants thrive like never before!