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Who We Are

We are the best quality suppliers of these items at the lowest possible prices. We have the largest range of gardening equipment and we deliver the best guaranteed prices.

With so many satisfied customers and well-reviewed goods, it's easy to see why smartergrower.com is the actual #1 site for LED grow lights, grow light kits, grow tents and indoor horticulture equipment.

Why buy from Us?

We offer the lowest price guarantee on LED growing lights, grow tents, growing essentials and other Smarter Grower items. If you find a lower price on hydroponics lights or accessories from somewhere else, either we match it or we'll do better.

All of our grow products have complete information to add to a collection of customer feedback. Since there are a lot of choices available for grow lights, HPS is growing lights, growing tents, hydroponics and growing essentials, it will be easier to make a choice by using full information on all products.

Our growing experts and commercial team have worked with ACMPR growers to provide affordable and effective growing equipment and supplies.
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